Let’s do this for you!!

The GameChanger Twist Are you worried about your startup or just messed with managing your current business and sales, let’s get your stress relieved? Have a word with me!!


Business Consulting

Whenever in doubt, take help. This simple mantra of life will save money, time and value of your business. When it comes to running a business there are hundreds of people who are a standalone asset or manpower to their business, which rigorously makes them feel exhausted and they eventually end up making wrong decisions at times. Here comes a need of an experienced Business Consultant who can help you with your planning, correct planning and let you do your business at ease.


Investment Consulting

Startups have a very picky and tricky niche, they can flourish in a flea and also take months or years to grow steadily. Whatever your vision is it needs to be optimised with a practical and realistic niche, approach and targets. Here’s where a consultant comes into existence as your vision could be really high and the same goes for your number but the realistic statistics and goals need to be measured with market research and study, and this can be wholly responsible for your business growth. I owe that doing for new blood and the youth today.


Startup Consulting

Motivation, vision, and hints always play a key part in any business, and I wish to enlighten businessmen and the youth with my vision & understanding of business over the years, I am open to come and speak to events so that your audience makes the most out of your event. School events, business events, seminars, etc.


Get me on your podcasts

Talking and motivating is always a good sense, when you interact with intellectuals you learn and we too. I am open to offers for attending question answers or doubts. Speaking and explaining newer studies and strategies is best for today’s youth and is needed too. So have me on your podcasts and I am sure your audience will definitely love listening and interacting for the best of their future.

What Exactly is Business Coaching? Do I really need it?


Let’s just calm it down to coaching with me. Well If I would say that the business, yes your business your dream business would be as easy as you expect it to be!! Yes, it’s definitely a bit less easy to even accept this fact but it’s all over when sharing the couch with me!! A coach is nothing more than just showing you the correct path, aesthetics, terms and picks at the correct time. Your business is completely your vision but the way to do it just taught by me, in a clear way so that you profit with each penny you invest in your business.



– Experience Counts
– Investment is optimized
– Decisions are discussed and framed accordingly
– Your vision and dreams are polished
– Stepping stone to your success
– Kickstart you flourishing business from scratch

My Approach to Coaching

Whether it’s building a business or learning, I have always been very keen and happy learning new stuff, it’s not always for me that I know everything, it’s always an approach that I wish to learn and grow with everything. Selling was my forte and my tongue accompanied me everywhere adding on my mind and kept putting in more and more advice for the growth. As life has always given tough times to all, my approach is simple – Just keep going, there is a way and solution to everything if you keep going hard and harder towards it.

My Clients