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Parth B.


Let’s make the urge grow higher!!

Businesses don’t rise with age, they rise with intellectual mindsets urging to win over others.

Your business not only needs YOU!! It definitely needs a whole lot of dedication and a pinch of expertise who knows the market. Thus I was born!! Because I worked in varied businesses and conditions and what I realized is that running a business and planning a business are totally different aspects to work on. While you run your business, let me help you plan it to rise up and grow.

Let’s do this for you.

Business Consultant

Business Consulting

Are you worried about how to kick start your business or how to recreate your business to grow, which business and what investment?

Let’s help you out over each penny invested.

Business Consultant

Investment Consulting

One of the most peculiar strategies in a business is investment and assets, it’s not always as easy as choosing from A, B, or C. So consulting over with an expert can be the best for the time.

Business consultant

Startup Consulting

Are you new to the business world or visioning a Startup? Let’s talk and we can do it well.
Clear Vision & Experienced Hacks, all at a click.

Speaking at Event

If you wish to let me help the youth of tomorrow with learning the aesthetics of the business, I am all available for seminars and events. For collaborations or bookings just email me anytime.


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Projects Delivered

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My businesses

Below are a few of my crafted racket of businesses, which were started and groomed over the years, with my expertise and rationalism.


This is a trending Digital Marketing & IT Solutions Agency – works according to new aesthetics and hence had 6 clients on board in the first month. Those clients are still on board and expanding with us.

First Impression Services

Travel is the most fascinating industry and an industry that never sleeps and works 24×7 all around the year.

Claim the roof

Your roof is your safety and the biggest part of your biggest asset, keeping it safe with varied climatic conditions made me believe that we need someone to advise over the right and wrong and thus the consultancy service Claim the Roof emerged. We’ve been successfully consulted over 100+ homes and 50+ offices for the roofing services and have provided the best service handlers too.


If alcohol delivery is a problem!! Buzzzrush is the solution. Anytime anywhere at your doorstep without any spills. We deliver the best options for alcohol bottles with all safety measures. We understand that running out of buzz options in the middle of the party is not happening, so we keep you going fully packed with all alcohol options delivered at your doorstep. Choose your choice and get it delivered hassle-free seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

From the first time I met Parth. I knew that he was someone who is going to do great things in his career. He is a very much an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys implementing new and innovative ideas to benefit people on a global scale. I have yet to meet another individual with the level of creativity that Parth possesses. In the short time frame in which I have worked together with him, he has proven to be a wealth of knowledge in the business field. Overall, Parth is a remarkable student at the University of Central Florida and I would highly recommend him to any organization as his passion, and goal orientated reputation precedes him.
Mehul Patel

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineer

Parth Patel has a kind motivation to help others grow in their respective fields, and he applies this by using his knowledge of business that he has gained from his experience. Parth is enthusiastic and talks with energy about business and related fields, this is because is always eager to learn something new. And if he thinks its something important that people should know about, he will do it immediately.
Overall, he is a go-to person if someone needs help in some kind of business understanding or even want to engage in a business related conversation.
Ronak Patel

System Engineering Analyst, Accenture Federal Services

Parth has been such a valued asset to our group. He is his own form of business experience and brings that wealth of knowledge to the table and to our group. He is always sharing new ways of thinking and ideas to make our projects more innovative and high tech. He is phenomenal with Prezi and great at presenting. I value being a co-partner in our business class together and I look forward to working together in the real world as business partners! He has a lot of great knowledge.
Courtney Lance

Attractions Coordinator , Walt Disney World

Let’s understand how I work for you?

Work processes and steps are a key roleplayers in a business.
I believe in the complete structure of following each step while I deal with any of my clients.
The steps include

Though these workflows are not always stagnant they are molded for the best of you.
The best we could do is a consultation and try to understand you and your business together. For more contact us.
Project Research
Analysing your work & business is so very important because every business has its own fundamentals and only if we follow those we can lead up to success.
Business Analysis
Once we know your business fundamentals and all information we research your competitors, the process of trade, marketing done and that should be done and all needed for the business development.
Strategy Defining
Once we discuss the research we plan a creative strategy that works best for the business and success. We work out flaws and benefits to get to the best work strategy for all our clients, keeping in mind their focus points.
Initialization of Project
Once all points of business are discussed we begin with the project for further process and start achieving targets as set in strategy defining.

Let’s Work Together