My Journey

Arising from the Indian roots, my journey was very simple, hitched to my family values and a simple man from Vadodara Gujarat India, educated in Gujarati medium, my journey to what I am today was never easy and always breathtaking. My father was a government servant back in India and we had been living in a simple middle-class family backed with simple and decent values. But what was inherent stayed and that was the power of my speech, I was always blessed with a courteous tongue and which made my interest grow deeper and deeper in the field of marketing and sales. Since the age of I was some or the other way engrossed in selling commodities or services and it was always fruitful, this eventually led me to think seriously about my skills. By 18 I was in the US and struggling with the language barriers and trying to sweep in the atmosphere, a tough time for me, but I swept through it with all my efforts and started with a sales manager at different companies. Later realizing that I could do that hard work for oneself and grow my own company, this gave birth to different prospects.

About my start-up

In April I started “Growception” A Digital Marketing Company later started “First Impression Service” A Full-Service Hotel Digital Marketing company.
Currently, I’m working on different businesses including BuzzzRush (Liquor Delivery platform) Launching November 2020. (Full-Service Digital Marketing And Lead Generation Company For Roofing Industry) Launching in December.

Work Experience

Between 2017 to 2018 I have worked with different companies providing my sales services in different aspects, like convenience, digital marketing, general trading, roofing & liquor industry. Gained knowledge of business ethics and plans.

Days Inn by Wyndham Casselberry/North Orlando

Sales and Marketing Manager


Oak Crest Roofing

Sales Project Manager


Started Growception

CEO & Founder


Education & Awards

Integrated Business – BSBA


University of Central Florida 2020




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My own businesses


This is a trending Digital Marketing & IT Solutions Agency – works according to new aesthetics and hence had 6 clients on board in the first month. Those clients are still on board and expanding with us.

First Impression Services

Travel is the most fascinating industry and an industry that never sleeps and works 24×7 all around the year.

Claim the roof

Your roof is your safety and the biggest part of your biggest asset, keeping it safe with varied climatic conditions made me believe that we need someone to advise over the right and wrong and thus the consultancy service Claim the Roof emerged. We’ve been successfully consulted over 100+ homes and 50+ offices for the roofing services and have provided the best service handlers too.


If alcohol delivery is a problem!! Buzzzrush is the solution. Anytime anywhere at your doorstep without any spills. We deliver the best options of alcohol bottles with all safety measures. We understand that running out of buzz options in the middle of the party is not happening, so we keep you going fully packed with all alcohol options delivered at your doorstep. Choose your choice and get it delivered hassle free seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

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